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mkdir -p out
%Examples from Table 1
#Examples from Table 1
cpraa -f instances/01-04-02-ld.tgf -OD -s PrCmp AF -t -o SM > out/ld-OD.out
cpraa -f instances/01-04-02-ld.tgf -MAX -a CT -s PrCmp AF -t -o SM > out/ld-MAX.out
cpraa -f instances/01-04-02-ld.tgf -CD -s PrCmp AF -t -o SM > out/ld-CD.out
......@@ -19,10 +19,10 @@ cpraa -f instances/05-04-02.tgf -CD -s PrCmp AF -t -o SM > o
%Example 30
#Example 30
cpraa -f instances/vehicle_annotated.tgf -OD -o SM -t -dc -s AF Jus ElmCF -cs WCmp > out/ex30.out
%Example 31
#Example 31
cpraa -f instances/vehicle_annotated.tgf -smt smtconstraints/vehicle.smt -OD -o SM -t -dc -s AF JntCmp -cs Jus > out/ex31.out
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