Commit 6c746012 authored by Sebastian Biewer's avatar Sebastian Biewer
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Removed code for debugging

parent 192b82d0
......@@ -617,8 +617,6 @@ class PCDecl extends PCNode
throw ({"line" : @line, "column" : @column, "wholeFile" : false, "name" : "OldSyntax", "message" : "You have used an old syntax. The type named \"mutex\" was renamed to \"lock\". For a complete list of changes look <a href=\"#/help#pseuco-syntax-migration\">here</a>."})
for child in @children[1..]
type = child.getType(env, @type)
#throw ({"line" : @line, "column" : @column, "message" : "WTF is wrong here?"})
if type? and not @type.isEqual(type)
throw ({"line" : @line, "column" : @column, "wholeFile" : false, "name" : "InvalidType", "message" : "You can't initialize variable of type #{@type} with value of type #{type}"})
if @type.getBaseType().isEqual(new PCTType(PCTType.AGENT))
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