Commit ac624004 authored by Sebastian Biewer's avatar Sebastian Biewer
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Fixed procedure forwarding during type-checking

parent ea60f050
......@@ -148,8 +148,7 @@ class PCTEnvironmentController
if node.isNestedProcedure()
throw ({"line" : node.node.line, "column" : node.node.column, "wholeFile" : false, "name" : "Nested Procedure", "message" : "Nested procedures are not allowed! You can define procedures globally or in monitors or structs."})
return @beginProcedure(node.getName())
throw ({"line" : 0, "column" : 0, "wholeFile" : false, "name" : "Redeclaration", "message" : "Procedure #{node.getName()} already declared!"})
beginProcedure: (procedureName) ->
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