Commit c0f65686 authored by Sebastian Biewer's avatar Sebastian Biewer
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allow array expressions on left side of class calls

parent 1d631b77
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......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ class PCTType
when PCTType.CHANNEL then "channel"
when PCTType.ARRAY then "array"
when PCTType.MONITOR then "monitor"
when PCTType.STRUCTURE then "struct"
when PCTType.STRUCT then "struct"
when PCTType.LOCK then "lock"
when PCTType.MUTEX then "mutex"
when PCTType.CONDITION then "condition"
......@@ -1351,7 +1351,7 @@ Arguments
* Call member of class type.
= exp:PrimaryExpression call:(_ "." __ ProcCall)+
= exp:ArrayExpression call:(_ "." __ ProcCall)+
var res = new PCClassCall(location().start.line,
location().start.column, exp, call[0][3]);
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