Commit 2259db19 authored by Lars Schieffer's avatar Lars Schieffer
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fixed bug with local transient variables

parent b46eef06
......@@ -56,11 +56,15 @@ class Locations:
if "transient-values" in location:
transients = dict()
for transient in location["transient-values"]:
reference = transient["ref"]
reference = renameHelper.localVariablesTo(
reference, automatonLocals, automatonName, functions
update = transient["value"]
update = renameHelper.localVariablesTo(
update, automatonLocals, automatonName, functions
transients[transient["ref"]] = update
transients[reference] = update
self.__transients[automatonName][locationName] = transients
def getTransients(self, automaton: str) -> dict:
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