Commit 49446fb7 authored by Lars Schieffer's avatar Lars Schieffer
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update tests

parent 07056b96
wget -O dtmc/brp/brp.jani
wget -O dtmc/coupon/coupon.5-2.jani
wget -O dtmc/leader_sync/leader_sync.3-2.jani
wget -O dtmc/egl/egl.v1.jani
wget -O res/dtmc/brp/brp.jani
wget -O res/dtmc/coupon/coupon.5-2.jani
wget -O res/dtmc/leader_sync/leader_sync.3-2.jani
wget -O res/dtmc/egl/egl.v1.jani
wget -O mdp/beb/beb.3-4.jani
wget -O mdp/consensus/consensus.2.v1.jani
wget -O mdp/csma/csma.2-2.v1.jani
wget -O mdp/elevators/elevators.a-3-3.v1.jani
wget -O mdp/rectangle-tireworld/rectangle-tireworld.5.v1.jani
wget -O mdp/tireworld/tireworld.17.v1.jani
wget -O mdp/wlan/wlan.0.v1.jani
\ No newline at end of file
wget -O res/mdp/beb/beb.3-4.jani
wget -O res/mdp/consensus/consensus.2.v1.jani
wget -O res/mdp/csma/csma.2-2.v1.jani
wget -O res/mdp/elevators/elevators.a-3-3.v1.jani
wget -O res/mdp/rectangle-tireworld/rectangle-tireworld.5.v1.jani
wget -O res/mdp/tireworld/tireworld.17.v1.jani
wget -O res/mdp/wlan/wlan.0.v1.jani
\ No newline at end of file
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