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Implement `Memory Models` action

Dominic Zimmer requested to merge react-actions-memorymodel into react-actions

This merge intends to implement the Memory Model action. I typed the protocol used (correctly, I hope), ported it to react and vastly overhauled the UI/UX.

I did not port/implement the Drag'n'Dropping of assertions as we are not using jQuery and I planned to not change that. Since we can still rearrange assertions with the up and down arrows, I left it out (for now).

I'll be happy to fix any bug you guys may come across when playing around with the new implementation. In particular, I am looking forward to @fkosmale's comments!

Things left to (discuss whether or not to) be done:

  • Implement drag'n'drop
  • Use other means of inputting values from the user than prompt()

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